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National Science Week

Every class in the school took part in a practical science experiment as part of National Science Week.
P1 investigated pushing and pulling and how we use these forces everyday to move, play and dress!
P2 made a soap-powered boat. When they added washing-up liquid to the back of the boat, the boat moved forward.
P3 made a hovercraft using a cd, a bottle-top and a balloon.
P4 made rockets and launched them outside. They really did fly! They watched what happened when vinegar and baking powder are mixed together.
P5 used balloons, ping-pong balls and a hairdryer to investigate how things fly.
P6 made Super Spinner Paper Helicopters. The pupils tested to see air force on blades and how they spun. Also they tested to see if paper or card was best.
P7 made balloon buggies and had a competition to see whose went the furthest!


Check out the Podcasts to see some of these experiments in action!


This was a super day enjoyed by all! Thank you Mrs Jackson for organising it!