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23.10.19 We have been learning about 3D shapes this week. Today we had the challenge of making shapes from spaghetti and mallows. We were able to make cuboids, cubes, triangular prisms and pyramids. It was very tricky!!

23.10.19 Today we went for a walk to the river. We had lots of fun playing pooh sticks. We also talked about our topic of the 5 senses. There were lots of things to see, touch, smell and hear.

We have been learning about the sense of touch! We had to touch the feely balloons and try and guess and describe what was inside!

This week we were practising how to estimate and measure in metres! We were shocked to find out that the Assembly hall was 15m long!

We enjoyed a taste test in P3! We had to decide which foods were salty, bitter, sugary or sour!

The P3 and P4 winners of the Dromore Beekeeper Art Competition

We drew eye pictures in the style of Magritte!

We made pictograms on Purple Mash to see whichever eye colour was most popular!