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7.6.19 P3 had a fab time looking for right angles with their right angle monster!

10.4.19 We had lots of fun learning about capacity. We were estimating and measuring whether containers held a litre, less than a litre or more than a litre! It was a splashing time!

We have been doing lots of weighing! We started by weighing with cubes and then we were weighing with half kilograms and whole kilogram weights!!

We were learning how to use coins to make amounts of money up to 99p!

We were learning about halves and quarters whilst designing pizza!!

Learning how to divide by sharing equally! Ernie the elf was showing us how to share snowballs!!

We made 3D shapes with spaghetti and mallows. The spaghetti shows the edges and the mallows are the vertices!

Measuring with non standard units!

We really enjoyed practising our number bonds! We played a board game, a memory game and the Hit the Button app on the iPad!